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    20% Discount on Payroll Services for VBA Members!
    20% Discount on Payroll Services from Paychex!
    I believe in the power of the local community buying from one another and mutally assuring our own success and survival.  Any VBA member that starts new service with Paychex payroll will receive a 20% discount!

    I look forward to learning more about your business and identifying opportunities for us to partner.

    As you know, running a business today is more difficult than ever.  Finding and keeping the right employees, managing ever-changing regulations and tax laws, and navigating the world of health insurance, workers comp, and benefits takes a massive amount of time and resources. 

    These issues can affect productivity, growth, and your ability to do what you do best, which is run your business! 

    Companies of all sizes turn to Paychex for support with the challenges it takes to operate a prosperous business.   

    As the nation's premier provider of Human Capital Management Solutions, we work beside you to give you the freedom and peace of mind to succeed.  Our next step is to understand your business processes and identify both challenges and opportunities where Paychex can support you!!!

    Contact Fred Streszoff at 703-951-3733 or fstreszoff@paychex.com.  I would love to learn more about your business
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    phone: (703) 951-3733
    Offer Valid: February 13, 2018May 31, 2018
    Vienna Business Association
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