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    Offer Valid: 04/20/2020 - 07/31/2020
    Strengthen Your Respiratory System
    We all know we do better when we can breathe more deeply and efficiently, whether it’s for improved blood pressure control, mental clarity or just better oxygen saturation. In this year of COVID-19, being able to breathe better is a smart major goal. While there is research supporting both improved immune function and better breathing capacity through chiropractic, right now we’d like to offer members of the VBA community a series of gentle easy breathing exercises that can help you breathe more efficiently. This class takes 15-20 minutes and can be taken at the office (we are open) as long as you’re free of fever or other COVID-19 symptoms. We can also offer the class via Zoom.
    There is no set fee. Instead, we invite you to pay a combination of what you can comfortably afford and the value of the information to you. If you’ve been hit hard economically by the COVID-19 situation and can’t pay, don’t. We don’t want to embarrass anyone, and we want you to have the advantage of this important component of your resilience.
    Call us at 703-938-6441 or e-mail viennachiropractic@verizon.net to schedule your session. We do mask for each patient and sanitize the office before and after every visit. Hand sanitzer is available, and we provide tissues for you to avoid contact with the front door handle.

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