• KW Metro Center Looking for Vienna Businesses to Participate in REDDAY Passport Program

    Dear Vienna Business Owner,

    On May 13, 2021 Keller Williams Metro Center (KWMC) will participate in our annual RED (Renew.Energize.Donate) Day where we close down the offices and spend the day giving back to the local community. This year our KWMC has decided to stay hyper-local and partner with the Women's Center located in the Town of Vienna. Making a difference in the lives of others and bettering the local community is a key principle at both KWMC and the Women’s Center.

    We are looking for local partners to support KWMC Vienna and the Women’s Center by participating in our Amazing Red Day Race on May 13,2021.

    What is "The Amazing Red Day Race"?
    KWMC will be selling “passports” to friends & family encouraging participants to visit as many participating business participants as possible. All proceeds from the sale of the passports will be donated to The Women’s Shelter. For every participating location a Passport Holder visits they will obtain a stamp on their passport. At the end of Red Day, passport holders will visit the final stop KWMC in order to exchange their passports for raffle tickets based on the number of locations they visited.

    How Can Businesses Participate?
    KWMC is looking for local businesses to support our Amazing Red Day Race with just the commitment of participation. However, here are all 3 ways you can participate:

    1. At each participating business we are looking for an employee of the participating business to "stamp" the passport of visiting Passport Holders. Each stamp they receive gives Passport Holders one raffle ticket when they turn in their passports at the end of the day. Participating businesses should provide their own stamp using either a small stamp or sticker that is no larger than a penny.

    2. KWMC is also looking for participating businesses to contribute a Red Day promotion to help incentive participation in Red Day, such as a small discount for any Passport Holder who purchases an item within a participating location (i.e. free small ice cream cone, 10% off any purchase, one free class etc.)
    *this is not a requirement

    3. Lastly, KWMC will be distributing free SWAG Bags for the first 50 participants who return their passports with at least 10 stamps from participating businesses. We are also offering participating businesses the opportunity to provide any promotional materials they would like to include in these SWAG Bags such as coupons or any branded Swag you would like to contribute.
    *This is not a requirement

    Participating businesses should also provide their logo if they are interested in displaying their logo on our flyer that will promote the event within the community (otherwise your name will simply be listed as a participating business).

    Deadline to have your name included on our flyer is April 16, 2021. Deadline to participate is May 1, 2021. Interested parties should contact your Red Day Representative, Melanie Khoury, at melanie@reddoormetro.com

    144 Church Street NW, Vienna, VA 22180

    Download the PDF Flyer

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