• News Release: 3/11/2023 Fingerprinting Services

    The UPS Store Vienna is excited to announce the launch of its new fingerprinting services for the Vienna business community.

    With the increasing demand for fingerprinting services, The UPS Store Vienna has added this new service to its portfolio. Businesses in Vienna can now visit our store to get their employees' fingerprints taken for various purposes such as background checks, security clearances, and licensing requirements. The UPS Store Vienna offers both digital and card fingerprinting services, giving businesses flexibility and convenience in obtaining the necessary fingerprints.

    In addition to fingerprinting services, The UPS Store Vienna also offers a wide range of other business services such as printing, shipping, mailbox services, and more. Our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality of service to our customers to help them grow and succeed.

    The UPS Store Vienna is committed to providing businesses with the best possible service to help them succeed. For more information, call 703-255-3600 or visit our location at 344 Maple Ave W. Main, Vienna, VA 22180.

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