• VBA Foundation

  • The Vienna Business Association Foundation (VBAF) was established to act as the philanthropic arm of the Vienna Business Association (VBA).

    The VBAF goal is to help support charitable & community service organizations in the Greater Vienna Community with funds raised through the Vienna Business Association efforts.

    The VBAF will accumulate funds annually through the net proceeds of the alcohol sales at Vienna Oktoberfest and through other community efforts and donations. 

    The standard maximum distribution amount per request in 2020 is $500, and must be submitted by completing the application below.  The VBAF shall distribute funds to requesting organizations based on the following point system:

      • be a Vienna Business Association member in good standing
      • have a mission that benefits the greater Vienna area
      • have a tax-exempt status which falls under IRC Section 501c3
      • use the funds for a non-recurring program or project
      • the program or project impacts favorably on health, shelter, hunger and human services

    Download Foundation Charitable Giving Application

    Download COVID-19 Quick Assistance Application (available to VBA Nonprofits)