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    We are passionate about helping clients keep control over their lives through documents that allow them to speak for themselves after they have become unable to do so, because of disability or death.

    Our approach is straightforward. We ask questions to help you identify what is important to you. What values do you want to pass on to your children? If you can no longer do that yourself, who do you want to take on that role for you? Do you want to protect your children from financial harm or unwise decisions? Who do you want to benefit from your life-long accumulation of assets? Do you have charities or causes that are near-and-dear to your heart? In case of your incapacity, who do you trust to make your decisions for you? What guidance do you want to give those people now, while you are still able?

    We listen carefully to your answers and offer solutions to achieve what you want.

    It would be a privilege to become your trusted advisor. We look forward to speaking with you so we can begin our work together.

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