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    The Gift of Language Spanish Immersion Program provides a total language immersion experience in a multicultural setting for students seeking to become proficient in two languages English and Spanish.

    -Our PreSchool Immersion Program: This is a discovery-based learning experience that gives each child the opportunity to move at his/her ability and interest.

    -Morning + Afternoon Elementary School Programs: Kids in this program learn Spanish through interactive games, storytelling, and songs. Our curriculum incorporates auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learning styles.

    -Summer Camp: Immerse your child in Spanish this summer! Join our Spanish Immersion Summer Camp to experience a totally new world. We combine classroom instruction with fun hands-on activities that include:

    Music and Singing.
    Story time, Arts and Crafts.
    Weekly Themed Activities
    Outdoor activities including field trips and much more fun!

    -Tutoring: This is perfect if you or your child is already enrolled in Spanish class and is looking for additional support, or simply wants an hour of conversation practice. Can work on homework, class material, clarify any grammar points and answer questions.

    -Saturday School + Group Classes: Children learn at different paces and through different modalities (visual, tactile or oratory). We aim to provide a differentiated learning structure delivered in small – flexible groups to enable the instructor to truly reach each child’s fullest potential.


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