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    Total Health Concepts Counseling Center


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    About Us

    At Total Health Concepts, our goal is to help you find health, balance, and fulfillment in life.
    We address the physical, emotional, and functional aspects of health and wellness with a variety of services:
    Therapeutic Counseling
    Coaching and Skill Building
    Nutrition Counseling
    Fitness and Movement
    Massage and Relaxation Therapies
    Naturopathic Medicine

    By treating the whole person and focusing on your inner strengths, we help you reconnect to your true self and move forward in positive directions.
    We investigate the underlying causes of symptoms and implement healthy solutions that lead to successful recovery without relapse.
    We also offer special programs for key health issues:
    Weight Management
    Stress Management
    Relationship Enhancement
    Child and Adolescent Behavioral Support

    Contact us today to set up a consultation or information session.

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